Vendor Profile: World Peaces

World Peaces
Connie De Jong

World Peaces features collaborative work across countries and between artisan groups the create jewelry, accessories and home decor.  We work primarily in Africa with natural and recycled materials.

What inspired you to get started in Fair Trade?
I have been lucky to be involved in Fair Trade since I began traveling to the developing world in college and first worked for a Fair Trade organization directly after graduation, before serving in the Peace Corps. It has been, and continues to be, a central part of my life’s work.

What is your favorite thing about Fair Trade?
Building community and understanding among people of different cultures.

What can individuals do to promote fair trade beyond the label?
I believe we need to connect with one another and build peace through empathy and understanding. Working to become open and accepting is part of the Fair Trade promise.

What else should we know about your or your product or both?
Each piece is lovingly made and we hope you will learn about countries you may have never known about before, like Lesotho and Zambia.


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