One World Shop
Laura Potter-Sadowski, Manager
We are a non-profit organization that operates through a fair trade store front.  We work to promote our values and mission of fair trade in the community and connect our supporters to the artisans and their talents.  We sell anything and everything from coffee, tea & chocolate to personal accessories, jewelry, home decor, wedding gifts, holiday merchandise & so much more!

What inspired you to get started in Fair Trade?
The ability to empower others to improve not only their own lives but their family members & their communities as a whole through a sustainable business concept.
What is your favorite thing about Fair Trade?
Knowing that every day people are lifting themselves out of poverty through fair trade opportunities, specifically the opportunities given to women who might not otherwise have them.
What can individuals do to promote fair trade beyond the label?
Tell their friends! The only way to build up our community is to share our knowledge with others!
What else should we know about your or your product or both?
We are 39 years young and the only nonprofit fair trade store in Northeast Ohio!

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