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Threads Worldwide
Rachel & Rebecca Jewell Jewell

Threads provides handmade jewelry and accessories from 10 artisan groups in 8 different countries for sale in your home or mine. I run my business from my home which allows me to set my own hours and provide personalized service to individuals and groups. My favorite thing to do is help organize fair trade jewelry fundraisers for non-profit groups.


What inspired you to get started in Fair Trade?
When a friend introduced me to fair trade jewelry, I was not a jewelry wearer. The stories of the women who make Threads products converted me. I cannot turn my back on how employing women and educating daughters is changing the world. At Threads, we want everyone to thrive.
What is your favorite thing about Fair Trade?
I truly believe that fair trade is changing the world on bracelet, banana, coffee, chocolate, etc at a time. Fair Trade is a system of business that I am proud to be a part of and to promote.
What can individuals do to promote fair trade beyond the label?
 As a consumer, it is important to know not only where your purchases are produced but also what conditions they are produced under. The fair trade movement is expanding as consumers demand environmental stewardship, quality work conditions and fair wages for producers, and high quality products. Look for the fair trade label but go beyond that and ask questions about worker conditions.
What else should we know about your or your product or both?
I think it is important to spread the fair trade story as often as possible. Threads is piloting a program in the United States to having mothers & daughters working together to educate peers and sell fair trade jewelry.  Please stop by my table at the Teach-in and Expo to learn about how you can help me, help our artisan partners, and participate more fully in the fair trade movement.

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