138 South Sterling St, Morganton NC 28860
Libby O’Bryan

COLLECTION is a community of manufacturers in North Carolina working under shared values to make more than products. When you buy from Collection, you are supporting an ethical production line, meaningful jobs, and a revitalized region. We make high quality, ethically sourced and sustainable textile products.

Tell us about your business:
We are growing the largest cluster on democratically-run industrial workplaces, employee-owned businesses, and worker-owners in the United States.

How is this fair trade changing the life your co-workers?
Fair Trade is bringing awareness to incredibly entrenched issue in ethical manufacturing practices. The fair trade movement has helped bring education and transparency to our work.

What is your favorite product? Why?
Our Local Beanie has a beautiful merino wool yarn that is spun, dyed and knit all with in 75 miles in NC with three ethical manufacturing partners.

What inspired you to social justice and/or the fair trade movement?
I worked in the fashion industry in big cities for years and saw hundreds of textile jobs move overseas. I wanted to preserve the skill of sewing in our domestic manufacturing economy and provide good work to skilled artisans and neighbors.

What do you want Expo shoppers to know about your booth?
COLLECTION is the first domestic textile producers co-operative, which is dedicated to lifting up the expertise and VOICE of the American textile worker.

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