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3606 Bridge Ave, Cleveland, Ohio

IRTF provides a portal through which we here in Cleveland, and Northeast Ohio as a whole, are able to shop the masterfully crafted and lovingly made products of Central America, Mexico, and Colombia in a way that empowers both the artisans and the consumers. IRTF purchases these pieces directly from the sellers, who are free to set their own prices, ensuring that no one is subject to exploited labor.

What is your favorite fair trade product?
Well, our Equal Exchange coffee and chocolate are life-changingly delicious. Additionally, we have some truly beautiful beaded pieces that are made in Guatemala.

How is fair trade changing the life of your artisans?
By buying and selling Fair Trade products, we are supporting cooperatively-owned businesses so that people work for themselves and do not have to be dependent on the dominant economic model. Instead, self-determination, gender equality, transparency, and democratic organization are the norm.

What inspired you to social justice and/or the fair trade movement?
IRTF is centered around acting in solidarity with oppressed peoples in Central America and Colombia. Through our human rights observation and defense work, we have witnessed firsthand the exploitative nature of mainstream capitalism and the ways in which our consumption has the power to greatly empower as well as enslave others. Fair Trade a model for the global economy rooted in people-to-people connections, justice, and sustainability.

What do you want Expo shoppers to know about your booth?
Fair Trade is only one way in which we walk in solidarity with our friends in Central America, Mexico and Colombia! If you feel drawn to this work and are passionate about human rights defense, please reach out to learn more!

Upcoming Events:
October 21, 2019: Artist Talk: Gisela McDaniel
October 26, 2019: Ohio Fair Trade Teach-In and Expo
November 1, 2019: Central America Travel Seminar to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras
November 3, 2019: Human Rights Banquet: 39th annual Commemoration
November 13, 2019: Fair Food Action Forum – join us!
November 15 to November 18, 2019: SOA Watch Annual Commemorative Gathering

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