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Global Gifts, Inc

682 North High Street, Columbus, OH
Amy Phillips-Gary

Global Gifts, Inc has been a non-profit organization for over 3o years and has had a fair trade storefront in the Short North district of Columbus for over 5 years. They offer verified fair trade goods from over 40 different countries as well as items from local social enterprise organizations.
While Global Gifts purchase from artisans, farmers, and producers from over 40 different countries, they have a special relationship with Imani Workshops, based in Eldoret, Kenya. The Workshop is an economic development program for people who are HIV+ or living with AIDS. They make colorful beaded and clay jewelry, textiles, toys, and more. To learn more about Imani, read this blog.
Fair Trade provides opportunities for skillful artisans to improve their lives, fully educate their children (and themselves), and to have a wider market for their goods.

Get to know Amy!
What is your favorite fair trade product?
Dish towels made from recycled kantha textiles! I love them because they are upcycled from sari textiles, they are versatile – dish towel, end table or dresser topper, and they come in an array of wonderful colors that brighten any room!
Although the dish towel may not be one of a kind (because they are made of recycled material) each one is unique. They come to us from Sasha Craft Producers in India that supports at-risk artisan communities. The purchase of these kantha towels builds the skills of poor & marginalized artisans, enhancing their access to markets and information, and increasing their income and productivity in a sustainable way. Nearly 70% of producers are women.

What inspired you to social justice and/or the fair trade movement?
A desire to be a part of a movement with a mission to make a positive impact.

What do you want Expo shoppers to know about your booth?
We’re excited to be at the Ohio Fair Trade Expo again this year and look forward to bringing a collection of new and favorite products! I will have extra kantha towels with me, come early for the best selection.

Fair Trade Rug Event at One World Shop, May 15-19, 2019

One World Shop hosts a Fair Trade Rug Event on May 15-19, 2019, bringing over 300 hand-knotted, heirloom quality rugs from Pakistan to add beauty to your home. The rugs are designed by artisans in patterns ranging from intricate florals to geometric tribals, sized from 2’x3’ to 10’x14’. When you purchase a fair trade rug from One World Shop and our partner Bunyaad, you acquire a beautiful piece of functional art, while supporting lives, culture and education in Pakistan.

Bunyaad is a fair trade rug company that works with over 850 families in 100 villages throughout Pakistan. Working with artisans in their homes, increasing employment opportunities for women and paying a living wage, Bunyaad is helping to change lives for the better. Artisans are paid per knot, making it possible for them to create high quality, high knot count pieces. With consistent, fair pay, adults can work in their villages, and send their children to school. By the time a rug is ready to be shipped, more than 15 people have helped in its creation.

As a means of supporting the families who create the rugs, Bunyaad has supported and built schools in remote villages, providing access to education, especially for girls. For example, in 1977, Bunyaad helped open Girls High School in the village of Darianwala, with 35 students in grades one to five. Today more than 800 girls attend the school which has expanded to grade twelve. Both Muslim and Christian students attend these schools, learning with and about each other, finding commonalities, and helping promote peace.

Explore the beautiful designs of fair trade, hand-knotted rugs and the complex, labor-intensive process used to create them at . Then make plans to come to One World Shop at 19321 Detroit Rd., Rocky River on May 15-19 to see them for yourself. Call us at 440-333-7709 to reserve a seat at the From Loom to Room workshop, where you will have a chance to speak with a Bunyaad representative, and ask any questions you have about the rugs. The workshop will be at 6:00 on Thursday, May 16.

One World Shop
Laura Potter-Sadowski, Manager
We are a non-profit organization that operates through a fair trade store front.  We work to promote our values and mission of fair trade in the community and connect our supporters to the artisans and their talents.  We sell anything and everything from coffee, tea & chocolate to personal accessories, jewelry, home decor, wedding gifts, holiday merchandise & so much more!

What inspired you to get started in Fair Trade?
The ability to empower others to improve not only their own lives but their family members & their communities as a whole through a sustainable business concept.
What is your favorite thing about Fair Trade?
Knowing that every day people are lifting themselves out of poverty through fair trade opportunities, specifically the opportunities given to women who might not otherwise have them.
What can individuals do to promote fair trade beyond the label?
Tell their friends! The only way to build up our community is to share our knowledge with others!
What else should we know about your or your product or both?
We are 39 years young and the only nonprofit fair trade store in Northeast Ohio!

Vendor Profile: Threads Worldwide

Threads Worldwide
Rachel & Rebecca Jewell Jewell

Threads provides handmade jewelry and accessories from 10 artisan groups in 8 different countries for sale in your home or mine. I run my business from my home which allows me to set my own hours and provide personalized service to individuals and groups. My favorite thing to do is help organize fair trade jewelry fundraisers for non-profit groups.


What inspired you to get started in Fair Trade?
When a friend introduced me to fair trade jewelry, I was not a jewelry wearer. The stories of the women who make Threads products converted me. I cannot turn my back on how employing women and educating daughters is changing the world. At Threads, we want everyone to thrive.
What is your favorite thing about Fair Trade?
I truly believe that fair trade is changing the world on bracelet, banana, coffee, chocolate, etc at a time. Fair Trade is a system of business that I am proud to be a part of and to promote.
What can individuals do to promote fair trade beyond the label?
 As a consumer, it is important to know not only where your purchases are produced but also what conditions they are produced under. The fair trade movement is expanding as consumers demand environmental stewardship, quality work conditions and fair wages for producers, and high quality products. Look for the fair trade label but go beyond that and ask questions about worker conditions.
What else should we know about your or your product or both?
I think it is important to spread the fair trade story as often as possible. Threads is piloting a program in the United States to having mothers & daughters working together to educate peers and sell fair trade jewelry.  Please stop by my table at the Teach-in and Expo to learn about how you can help me, help our artisan partners, and participate more fully in the fair trade movement.

Vendor Profile: World Peaces

World Peaces
Connie De Jong

World Peaces features collaborative work across countries and between artisan groups the create jewelry, accessories and home decor.  We work primarily in Africa with natural and recycled materials.

What inspired you to get started in Fair Trade?
I have been lucky to be involved in Fair Trade since I began traveling to the developing world in college and first worked for a Fair Trade organization directly after graduation, before serving in the Peace Corps. It has been, and continues to be, a central part of my life’s work.

What is your favorite thing about Fair Trade?
Building community and understanding among people of different cultures.

What can individuals do to promote fair trade beyond the label?
I believe we need to connect with one another and build peace through empathy and understanding. Working to become open and accepting is part of the Fair Trade promise.

What else should we know about your or your product or both?
Each piece is lovingly made and we hope you will learn about countries you may have never known about before, like Lesotho and Zambia.


Event Sponsor

Revy Fair Trade
Ron Ober

Revy Fair Trade offers a wide variety of accessories exclusively from El Salvador. Our accessories are from either recycled or natural materials. Much of our product line is made from recycled inner-tubes picked up by the roadside in El Salvador. Other items are hand tie-dyed from organically grown indigo.

What inspired you to get started in Fair Trade?
We feel that we hit the jackpot by being born in America. Most of the world is not that lucky. We feel that we have an obligation to give back to those who are not as fortunate as us.

What is your favorite thing about Fair Trade?
Our favorite thing is the people. This includes the artisans in El Salvador and those in the fair trade movement here in the United States.

What can individuals do to promote fair trade beyond the label?
Fair trade is about justice. We need to go beyond products and look for ways to create a more equal and just world everywhere.

What else should we know about your or your product or both?
We are members of the Fair Trade Federation, and active in the Ohio Fair Trade Network including participating as volunteers for the Ohio Fair Trade Teach-In & Expo. Our efforts go beyond just selling products. We promote the message wherever we can.

Vendor Profile: Global Gifts

Hand Blown Phoenician Glass Votive Holder

Global Gifts
Amy Phillips-Gary

We are a retail marketplace for Fair Trade goods from over 40 different countries, selling a variety of certified Fair Trade goods: home decor, jewelry, apparel, woolens, kids’ items, and more.




What inspired you to get started in Fair Trade?

Global Gifts supports sustainable economic opportunities to help people (and their families) improve their lives.

What is your favorite thing about Fair Trade?
We LOVE that Fair Trade goods are innovative, unique, and create a positive ripple effect!

What can individuals do to promote fair trade beyond the label?
Do what you can to find out where the items you buy came from, who made them, and strive to purchase items that are fair and ethical.

What else should we know about your or your product or both?
Global Gifts is a small nonprofit regional organization with shops in Indiana and Ohio, as well as an online webstore.