Information Tables

Most people think about the Expo as an opportunity to shop, but we also have tables that provide information about topics close to the fair trade mission. Check out two these great organizations that participate every year!

Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services is the official humanitarian aide organization of the Catholic Church in the United States. We served 136.6 million people last year in 112 countries.

Sourcing from 250 producer associations and nonprofits worldwide, their partners are committed to human rights, environmental protection and community development. Their partners are carefully screened in our extensive two-part vetting process. CRS’s strict criteria includes more than living wages, fair treatment of workers, safe working conditions and environmentally sustainable practices. Our partners also invest in their worker communities and respect Catholic social and moral teaching in their business practices.

CRS is always looking for Catholics who are interested in engaging their parishes in the global work of our church through the CRS Parish Ambassador Corp. For more information call Kelly, 440-943-7612.

The Collaborative to End Human Trafficking is a non-profit agency addressing human trafficking through education, advocacy and connecting services on behalf of trafficked persons. At their booth they will provide information about human trafficking’s red flags and what to do/whom to call if you suspect it. Please check the website for upcoming events.