Fair Trade Chocolate

According to Green America: “Cocoa is a $16 billion a year industry, but the average annual revenue the cocoa farmers receives is between $30 and $110 per household. The Fair Trade certification for chocolate has given over 42,000 cocoa farmers in West Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas a decent price for their crop. Since 90% of the world’s cocoa is grown on small family farms of 12 acres or less, Fair Trade cocoa is directly improving the standard of living for farmers in the poorest regions of the world.”  Learn more about the value of Fair Trade Certified Chocolate here.

Committed Fair Trade Chocolate Brands:

Divine Chocolate

Equal Exchange

Alter Eco

Interested in talking about Fair Trade Chocolate in your classroom?

Green America: Fair Trade Chocolate Curriculum

“The Dark Side of Chocolate”

The Dark Side of Chocolate reveals new evidence that child labor and human trafficking continue in the cocoa fields for millions of children, nearly a decade after the major players in the cocoa industry promised to resolve these problems.